Center for Safety Equity in Transportation

rural • isolated • tribal • indigenous

Comprehensive Transportation Equity Analysis for RITI Community: A Data-Driven Approach with Case Study

  • Active

    CSET Project #: 2201

    Project Funding: UW

  • Start Date: March 2022

    End Date: July 2023

    Budget: $$454,500.00

Project Summary

The main objective of this project is to develop a data-driven approach to analyze and evaluate transportation equity in RITI communities. Specifically, this project aims to outreach with RITI communities and collect transportation equity related data, which include Census data, travel O-D data, traffic safety data, road geometry data, etc. The research team will conduct a robust general equity analysis of a RITI community. Based on the case study results, the research team will develop the data-driven approach for comprehensive transportation equity analysis for RITI communities. The research team will share the findings and results of the project through webinars and conferences. In addition, the research team will summarize project findings into training materials for future training workshops to transportation practitioners in RITI communities.