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Developing a Smart-lighting System for Isolated Rural Intersections: Phase 2

  • Active

    CSET Project #: 2107

    Project Funding: University of Alaska Anchorage

  • Start Date: July 2021

    End Date: July 2022

Project Summary

Since the rural intersections are isolated, most of the crashes result in serious injury and fatality due to various factors including lack of efficient incident management system and emergency response system. This proposal is a continuation of a project sponsored by CSET in 2019. In that project, the research team developed a prototype of a smart light system. In this phase 2, we will focus on fine-tuning the prototype and making it ready for commercialization. This proposed system is expected to help Alaska reduce the number of crashes and traffic fatalities significantly. This project involves developing a smart-lighting system from essential components, hence fostering a culture of innovation. The project also includes generating a guideline so that agencies in rural Alaska can assemble such a system cost-effectively. It is also expected to reduce the costs of implementation for the interested agencies. Once this system is developed, agencies across the state or the world can utilize the technology for their benefits. Hence it is expected to have a widespread impact.