Center for Safety Equity in Transportation

rural • isolated • tribal • indigenous

Investigation of Cost-Effective Technologies on Quick Response to Traffic-Related Crash in RITI Communities

  • Completed

    CSET Project #: 1906

    Project Funding: NPRA

  • Start Date: September 2019

    End Date: June 2021

    Budget: $198955

Project Summary

This research aims to explore and synthesize the opportunities, challenges, and scenarios that drone technologies may help develop context-sensitive solutions to resolve traffic safety related challenges in RITI communities. By communicating with RITI community members to understand their traffic safety related needs and challenges, the project team will identify 1-2 application scenarios that are suitable for drones and conduct pilot study for the identified application(s). The team will also summarize findings and lessons learned, as well as tech transfer activities, at the conclusion of the project.



Project Products