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Development of Guidelines for Roads in Remote/Isolated Communities with Mixed Non-Conventional Vehicle Types - Phase I

  • Active

    CSET Project #: 1908

    Project Funding: ANTHC

  • Start Date: September 2019

    End Date: September 2021

    Budget: $84750

Project Summary

Travel environments in remote and isolated communities are quite unique. Travel routes can vary greatly from season to season, non-traditional vehicle modes (e.g., all-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles) are used frequently, and a single gravel road may serve as a travel corridor and the village playground simultaneously. A lack of guidance exists for communities that require roads with standards somewhere in between those set for local and low-volume roads and those set for trail systems. This project will serve to engage transportation designers and planners and conduct case studies in Alaska to develop the design philosophy, framework, and vehicle criteria to meet the needs of remote and isolated transportation environments.