Center for Safety Equity in Transportation

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Developing a Low-Cost Open Source Traffic Counter for Rural Areas (CTRA)

  • Active

    CSET Project #: 1912

    Project Funding: UAF

  • Start Date: December 2019

    End Date: October 2021

    Budget: $82514

Project Summary

This research effort seeks to address lack of data and difficulty managing and maintaining safety data and policies in RITI communities. The objective of this project is to develop a low-cost traffic counting solution that is built on open source coding so to afford communities with limited resources the ability to generate the data necessary for transportation safety and planning purposes. These efforts are consistent with current trends to make technologies more accessible from a cost perspective as well as reducing our infrastructure footprint (i.e., miniaturization of technologies). This is particularly advantageous for rural communities, particularly those in Alaska, where resources and shipping options can be limited. Total material costs for the final product is expected in the $150-$250 range and will rely on the Raspberry Pi suite of hardware options. These efforts also contribute to overall efforts to improve crash analyses which rely on traffic counts for normalization and exposure data.